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11g: handling error ORA-00752 – lost write of a data block in the PRIMARY database

With the recent (11gR1) addition of lost write detection techniques, Oracle has one more tool to help avoid data losses. Prerequisites to it are having a physical standby database applying logs and the parameters enabled in both the primary and … Continue reading

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How to confine a set of users to the Active Data Guard DB only

Active Data Guard is a new (paid) feature of Oracle 11g where a physical standby database can be open for read-only access while Redo Apply is simultaneously active. With the objective of relieving the production database from a group of … Continue reading

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Quick how-to: enable Active Data Guard

If you have the required additional license, with Oracle 11gR1 onward you can open your physical standby database for read-only operations. If correctly configured, it gives you the benefit of relieving the primary database from the burden of running those … Continue reading

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Quick script to start troubleshooting Data Guard gap/lag

Scenario: you are connected to the primary database and want to know if one or more of your standby databases are lagging behind? The script below will show the log sequences involved and even how many hours wide is the … Continue reading

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Troubleshooting ORA-16632 in RAC + DG + broker.

When you add a RAC node to a Data Guard, or in the case one instance was down when you created the broker configuration and later you bring it up, the broker will try to add the new instance to … Continue reading

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