Why can’t I do a recover UNTIL CANCEL in RMAN?

Yesterday I mixed up my memory and tried to run “recover database using backup controlfile until cancel” in RMAN instead of doing that in SQL*Plus. Obviously, got an error for that.

Then I went into wondering why wouldn’t RMAN support the “until cancel” clause of the recover command?

After some web searching I found an interesting post in OTN forum, which has a good answer for this question.

Remember that UNTIL makes the Recovery interactive while RMAN is designed to be non-interactive (although it can be run interactively). RMAN is a “dedicated” Backup and Recovery command set which is “simpler” in the sense that the DBA (in theory !) doesn’t have to start worrying about the recovery options. When you use RMAN, RMAN “automagically” identifies the BackupSets to use, the ArchiveLogs to Restore, the ArchiveLogs to apply etc etc.. you don’t have to do anything.

Thanks Hemant from hemantoracledba.blogspot.com for the clarification.

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