Troubleshooting ORA-16632 in RAC + DG + broker.

When you add a RAC node to a Data Guard, or in the case one instance was down when you created the broker configuration and later you bring it up, the broker will try to add the new instance to the configuration. It should be a quick operation. If by any reason it fails or takes more time than expected, this is what you will see in dgmgrl:

DGMGRL# show configuration verbose

Configuration - dg_mydb

Protection Mode: MaxPerformance
mydb - Primary database
mydb_dr - Physical standby database
Warning: ORA-16632: instance being added to database profile

FastStartFailoverThreshold = '30'
OperationTimeout = '30'
FastStartFailoverLagLimit = '30'
CommunicationTimeout = '180'
FastStartFailoverAutoReinstate = 'TRUE'
FastStartFailoverPmyShutdown = 'TRUE'
BystandersFollowRoleChange = 'ALL'

Fast-Start Failover: DISABLED

Configuration Status:

This is the documentation on the error message:

16632, 00000, "instance being added to database profile"
// *Cause: The Data Guard broker determined that an instance
// successfully found its database profile within the broker
// configuration file, but lacked an instance-specific profile.
// The broker automatically created an instance-specific
// profile and associated the instance with its database profile.
// *Action: No user action is required. The broker will automatically
// associate the instance with its database profile and incorporate
// the instance into broker activity.

The problem here is the “no user action is required”. If you got here, it’s very likely something is wrong and you’ll have to fix it.

A good place to start is checking the drc$INSTANCE.log file in the instance being added. It’s on the background_dump_dest folder. You can search for this string: “DMON: Dynamically adding instance”. To me, the next line had an ORA-01017 error. The solution it is in my previous post.

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