Experimenting on 11gR2 Grid

Following a great tutorial by Jeff Hunter, I installed Oracle Grid 11gR2, not on physical hosts, but on virtual ones, using VMWare Player in my notebook instead.

Upside: Using virtual machines is free.
Downside: On a 32 bits host it’s an almost impossible feat, because 11gR2 uses way more memory than 10g or even 11gR1. Even with optimizations, the host swapped a lot while the grid installation was progressing, to the point that while root.sh was running on the second host it aborted due to timeout. I had to customize it to run again only what was missed in the first run. I personally recommend a 64bit host OS with 6GB RAM at least.

I also customized the process by avoiding the use of ASMLib. A little customization of the UDEV ISCSI rule and it should be done, but this got me into trouble to find the correct owner, group and mode to the ASM disks, information that I could get only in the final prerequisite checks, long after the correct point (it’s grid/asmadmin/0660, by the way):

Information you get from Oracle only after the point you need it.

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