DBA best practices: Logging by default in SQL*Plus

Several times I asked myself (or others asked me) what statements I executed or what results I had gotten from many days before. Of course I didn’t remember them anymore.

Here’s where one of my favorite SQL*Plus features comes in handy: spooling. You can have it log everything you do.

First, create a folder to store the logs. Mine is C:\Spool .
Second, add these lines to the login.sql file ( you can type “ed login” to do this ):

column dinstasdasd new_value myinstance noprint
select instance_name dinstasdasd from v$instance;

column dcolasdasd new_value mydate noprint
select to_char(sysdate,’YYYYMMDD-hh24mi’) dcolasdasd from dual;

spool C:\Spool\&myinstance.-&mydate.-&_user..txt

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